Thomas Linzey LOCAL: Speaks About Our Loss Of Democracy

                                               OHIO 2015 COMMUNITY RIGHTS TOUR PRESENTS

Elevating the Rights of People and Communities Over Corporations
(And, How we have lost our Constitutional Rights)

“As a people of ‘we the people’ fame we have become either ahistorical, amazingly obedient, exceedingly stupid,
or all three. We can stay that way if we choose – either  denying the corporate state or resigning ourselves to it –
with the understanding that every day we fail to challenge the corporate state is another day that the planet falls down
around us.”  Thomas Linzey helps us understand how we, The People, lost our constitutional rights to big corporations and politicians – losing our rights to govern to the greed and wealth of those who are suppose to support OUR rights.

Thomas Linzey
                                                                                   November 14th    OBERLIN
                                                                 OBERLIN COLLEGE      CRAIG LECTURE HALL
                                                                                   119 WOOLDAND STREET
                                                                                         OBERLIN, OHIO
                                                                                              7:30 P.M.

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