NEXUS Pipeline

The Nexus Pipeline is a proposed 42″ or 36″ Diameter High Pressure Gas Transmission Pipeline starting in Kensington, Ohio traveling northwest through Toledo and Michigan to the Dawn, Ontario storage facility hub.

This pipeline is proposed to go through countless residential areas and can be placed as close as 50 feet to people’s homes.

At least 100 feet of property along the proposed route is required to be cleared for building this pipeline. Trees, forests, cropland and anything else in the proposed route will be cleared. If built, a 50 foot exclusion zone around the pipeline would prohibit reforesting of trees and building of any structures.

Huge Compressor Stations (potentially up to or more than 80 acres) would be required to be built every so many miles to pressurize the natural gas. Blow Down Facilities are of concern because they release raw gas to relieve pressure on the line. This happens at
– Compressor Stations
– Valve Stations
– Pigging Facilities.

Not only is the environment disrupted during construction, many hazards are present if there are leaks, ruptures or explosions (scenarios than happen regularly on similar high pressure pipelines).

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